Is “Black Friday” also good for deals on buying a home?


Is “Black Friday” also good for deals on buying a home?


Black Friday is the holy grail for deal-seeking shoppers during the holiday season. But what about buyers searching for a home — do the same deals exist for real estate?

While attending open houses and making offers may not be high on the traditional holiday schedule, it could be worth your time to consider ramping up your home shopping efforts. Because the majority of revelers are focused on parties and celebrating, and wouldn’t consider moving or selling during the holidays, it can be the perfect opportunity to score a great deal on a home.

It’s a great time to buy!

“Savvy sellers get aggressive with holiday deals to entice the few buyers actually looking at homes to pull the trigger on one,” says James Dainard, a Seattle-area broker with Heaton Dainard Real Estate.

Dainard says that during the season he sees prices typically drop between $3,000 and $12,000. Sellers know that these buyers are serious about actually buying. Giving them an extra nudge to sign on the dotted line is what holiday season incentives are designed to do.

Dainard says that outside of price reductions, he's also seen a few more creative items thrown in, including appliances such as energy-efficient washers, dryers, stoves, full sets of living room furniture, and big-screen plasma TVs.

But some incentives go beyond the obvious additions to a home purchase and veer into lifestyle territory. According to Dainard, the best incentive he's seen came from a seller who sweetened the pot for a three-bedroom condo in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood by throwing in Seahawks season tickets.


DIY: Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

DIY: Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to get your Thanksgiving DIY decor made. And what better place to shop for it than at your local store.. Or you can just find it anywhere, anything things that you think is not useful anymore but worth decorating...


DIY or Do It Yourself Thanksgiving decorations are brilliant ideas which make your home upscale with just a minimal costs. 

1. Make a perfect napkin rings using a craft paper

2. Make use of the bowl thats hidden somewhere and place something on it that it will look colorful.

3. Pick some flowers from your friendly neighborhood  and fill the fall jars.

4. Put some life to your candle holders, glue some yarn or sticks for a one of a kind appearance outside.

5. Design your place mats, you can write down there  what you want that is in connection with the Thanksgiving celebration.

6. You can also glue some of the paper cut leaves on your candy bowl.

7. Make lanterns out of your old picture frames.

7. A pumpkin topiary will also look gorgeous.

8. Take those bright orange  leaves and paint them with gorgeous metallic paints for an outstanding decor.

10. And a floral wire twisted around would make   some adorable pumpkins.

Want to know about Fix and Flip Loans?

Well, fixing and flipping houses is not an easy thing to do, especially for the newbie real estate investor. First of all, It costs money, usually a lot of money.  In addition to coming up with the funds to buy the property, the ‘fix and flip’ investor needs to pay for repairs, contractor fees, listing and broker fees, holding costs until you sell the home, and more.

Fellow real estate investors like to have options when it comes to property acquisition. We all know that cash is the Seller’s preferred method of payment when it comes to buying a property, but most investors are well versed in the direct alternative: Hard Money. Today, Hard Money Loans are much easier to get access to than before. Also, a lot of funds have been created over the years to nationalize and standardize hard money. Here are some lenders that have made access to a Hard Money loan much easier than before that you might consider:

LendingHome Group offers 2 programs

1.     Bridge Loans

-          Short term financing program that focuses on property investors who intends to resell their house

2.     Consumer Loans

-          this is monitored by government regulatory agencies for their compliance with consumer protection regulations

On the other hand, Bridge Lending Group offers 3 types of loan.

1.     Construction and Rehab

-          a mortgage loan that is frequently used with property investors

2         Residential Bridge; 3. Commercial Bridge

-          Most wide-ranging and flexible way to get a short-term residential real estate investment financing.

    Facts about Commercial Bridge Loans                                                   Features

  • Commercial Bridge loans are temporary                                   • No bureaucracy and RedTapes
  •  Commercial Building has low vacancy rates                             • Expedited Approvals
  •   Applicant has bad credit

Benefits of residential Bridge Loans

  • Make an offer that is too good to refuse
  • Private Hard money loans are contingent on the sale of the existing home
  • Bridge loans are not dependent on good credit

Don’t waste your time thinking about where you can get a faster and reliable financing that is a perfect fit for your needs. Scott can help you out for more information, please grab your phone and dial 904-746-0050 or send him an email at

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Selling a house can be frustrating if you don’t have the right information because you’re not actually selling your house, you’re selling your kitchen. That’s how important it is. So, learn how to turn on the turn offs of home buyers, get the best price and walk away happy.

1. Live Animals

Pets can be adorable and appealing but, we all know that not all people like them because of the reasons that they have in their minds.

Wendy English, former sales manager at Century 21 Commonwealth in Medfield, Massachusetts, recalls an uncaged rabbit that she says was “disgustingly smelly” and would chase people and try to bite them when they entered the home. So, it is always better to be safe.

2. Animal-head trophies

Animal-head trophies can be an expression of someone’s art and creativity but also can be problematic. Barry Bevis, broker/owner of Bevis Realty in Tallahassee, Florida, recalls a for-sale home that had a “trophy” room over the garage.

“The pictures of the house (online) had these giant elk heads and deer heads,” he says. “It’s better to leave it out. You’re going to offend too many people.”

3. Flags

We all have our freedom of expressions and artistry like putting decorations that could express ourselves .One great evidence is putting a flag outside the house. But sometimes can be offensive. Bevis recalls an incident when such a flag created a negative impression.

“I was showing a house to an African-American couple,” he says. “I opened the lockbox and the key was (stamped with) a Confederate battle flag. It really did turn these folks off just a little bit. Immediately they didn’t like the people selling the house.”

4. Sports Memorabilia

Sports team rivalries fuel strong emotions, and a seller’s spirted support of the “wrong” team can create a sour impression. Because a fan will always fight for their team. English says long-distance relocating buyers (known as “relos”) are most likely to be put off.

“Relos will come in and see Patriots stuff, Red Sox stuff, and it does rub them the wrong way,” she says. “Sellers don’t necessarily realize how strongly someone might react to their favorite team.”

Buyers don’t want to walk into a house that’s berating their team because a fan will always have a heart for their favorite team.

5. Nudity

While others may think that nudity would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic, and a progressive religious experience ,nudity makes some buyers uncomfortable. In some cases, sellers don’t realize they’ve exposed too much information. In others, sellers want to make a statement, even if it’s at their own expense.

6. Mystery rooms

 When selling something of course buyers expect to see the whole detail of it, especially if you’re selling a house. They don’t want to see only a part of it.Whatever’s behind the door might be innocuous, but buyers have no way to know for sure as long as they’re kept out.

“Every so often there will be a house where the homeowner will have a locked room that you can’t see and that always makes buyers say, ‘Forget it,’” English says.

Mysterious objects can trigger a similar reaction. English recalls a home that had a very large rock covered with plywood boards in the basement.

7. Drugs

Despite relaxed laws in some states, marijuana and other drugs are still federally illegal and their presence or evidence of use, including odors, in a home can deter buyers.

Derek Turner, broker/owner of Ventura Real Estate Co. in Ventura, California, says he encountered an empty beer can wall and marijuana paraphernalia on a coffee table and kitchen counter in a for-sale home.

Turner says, “My client did not write an offer.”


5 Essential money moves for first-time homebuyers


Buying a home is a significant and exciting decision. Especially for a first time home buyer who has lots of questions in their mind of what could go wrong and right. Finding the right real estate agent can make you a savvy consumer and improve your overall experience.

Take these five steps to help make the process go smoother.


Checking on your credit is also what we call credit analysis. It is the process of evaluating an applicant's loan request or a corporation's debt issue in order to determine the likelihood that the borrower will live up to his/her obligations

The home buyer's credit score is among the most important factors when it comes to qualifying for a loan these days.

The lower the utilization rate, the higher your score will be. Ideally, first-time homebuyers would have a lot of credit available, with less than a third of it used.

Repairing damaged credit takes time -- and money, if you owe more than lenders would prefer to see relative to your income. If you think your credit may need work, begin the repair process at least six months before shopping for a home.


As you start to prepare for those inevitable home expenses, you’ll want to first evaluate what your monthly budget looks like today. By performing a cash flow analysis that breaks down your take-home income, monthly savings, and your fixed and variable expenses, you can identify areas where you can cut costs and bolster your savings.

According to Winesburg, the self-employed or independent contractor will need a solid two years' earnings history to show.


Paper documents can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to tell which of these you might need to be keep and which might want to toss away. By sorting your paperwork, making a plan of attack, and using a consistent system, you can conquer that mountain of old paper documents in less time than you might have thought.  Especially when applying for mortgages. Home buyers must document income and taxes.


Buying a new home should be exciting but it should also provide you with a sense of stability and financial security. Living month to month, with barely enough income to meet all of your obligations, the threat of foreclosure looming if you slip up—well that’s the wrong kind of excitement. That’s why it’s so important that you know ahead of time the answer to that very important question, How much house can I afford?


Another key number in determining the answer to How much house can I afford? is your down payment. The larger the down payment; the larger the house, right? Well, yes, but before you go and empty out your savings account, keep in mind that lenders generally want you to have a cash reserve remaining after you’ve moved in. Why? Having some money in the bank after you buy is a great way to help ensure that you don’t find yourself worrying about the two dirty words in homeownership: default and foreclosure. The question isn’t just Can I afford a house? It’s Can I afford a house and still have some money left over as a buffer?

While maintaining a debt-to-income ratio under 36% protects you from minor changes in your finances, a cash reserve protects against major ones. At a minimum, it’s a good idea to be able to make three months’ worth of housing payments out of your reserve, but something like six months would be even better. That way, if you experience a loss of income and need to find a new job, or if you decide to sell your house, you have plenty of time to do so without missing any payments (and, in turn, wrecking your credit).

Source: Smart Asset





Are you planning on relocating to the Jacksonville area?

Jacksonville is highly touted as a great place to relocate to. Some move to Jax for various reasons such as a military assignment, some for a job relocation, or even some like me come to be close to family and the cost of living is the best in the country IMO for what you get: beaches, major city amenities like the NFL and the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, rivers and lakes, big city feel in some areas/small town feel in others, and of course no more harsh winters… the list goes on!

Relocation can be defined as a change in the physical location of a business or a home for some reasons you have. But, before considering relocating you might have many questions in your mind on where to have your new place, how to do it when you don’t have the time to plan out this life changing event.

Why not trust this phase to an expert who has a hyper-localized knowledge in the community and experienced enough to handle all aspects of the process?

Here are some reasons why choose Real Estate Agent Expert in Relocating.

1.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent will educate you to the market and negotiate a sale on your behalf.

2.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent has a factual data on hand about the location and the house and can assist you in community orientation, and interim housing.

3.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent will know the best schools, doctors, shopping and dining, local hot spots, etc. that will make all of the real-life stuff much easier to transition to.

4.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent has Recommendations and evaluations of reputable moving firms and moving service providers.

Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent are trained to be an advocate in all aspects of your move. Moving to a new city is a disorienting experience at best, and a relocation expert can reduce your confusion, get your feet on the ground, and help you move ahead quickly and confidently.

Scott DeVore, Licensed Realtor + General Contractor, is your go-to Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent for Jacksonville and the surrounding Northeast Florida area. Having relocated many times (Washington, DC, Southeast Texas, Memphis, OKC, Los Angeles), Scott knows the innerworkings of what the home buyer is facing and looking for during the relocation process.

Contact Scott today to help you with any and all of your relocation needs. 904-746-0050 or


Veteran's Day 2017 - The VA Home Loan Mortgage

Veteran's Day 2017 - The VA Home Loan Mortgage

November 11th – Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all who have faithfully served our great nation in the greatest armed forces in the world!

As a Veteran, a small token of appreciation that we can give back to you for your service and sacrifice is an affordable path to home ownership through the use of a VA loan.

One of the best benefits of a VA home loan is the very low costs of out of pocket expenses for home purchasing versus a traditional home loan.

In most cases, a Veteran can purchase a home with ZERO (0) Down Payment!

The video above, presented by Low VA Rates,  is a quick presentation of how the VA loan process works. Below is a bulleted list of the highlights from the slides.

·        Where and How to start

o   Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

o   Work with a Realtor familiar with VA loans

o   Contact a good VA lender

o   Get pre-qualified

o   Make an offer

o   Get your VA loan done

o   Enjoy your dream home

·        Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

o   Your “Golden Ticket”

o   Demonstrates you are eligible for a VA loan and the VA will guarantee the lender

o   Must have served honorably for a pre-determined period of time

·        Work with a Realtor

o   As a buyer you do not pay for this service (It’s Free!!)

§  The home seller pays for your Realtor’s service

o   Negotiate on your behalf

o   Make sure they have worked with Veterans before

o   Much better deal for you

·        Contact Mortgage Broker who is a reputable VA lender

o   Having an expert VA lender is very important

·        Get Pre-Qualified

o   Job / Pension / Fixed Income

o   Rental history

o   Sufficient Income

o   Credit History (No FICO score requirement!)

·        Make an Offer

o   Your second “Golden Ticket”

o   Pre-approval makes you legit

o   Seller will take you seriously

o   Need to get home under contract

o   Very exciting time

·        Finalize Your VA Loan

o   Validate everything from pre-approval

§  Don’t go out and accumulate new debt (no new car, no financing new furniture, don’t lose your job!)

§  Time frame can be 10 days to over a month

·        Move Into Your Dream Home

o   It is no longer a dream – Keys to your new home!

o   Memories

o   Security

o   Asset

o   Tax Savings

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What is a Renovation Mortgage?

What is a Renovation Mortgage?

HomeStyle renovation Mortgage.jpg

Renovation Mortgage - What is it? How does it work? Why it's a great option for home buyers in Jacksonville.


Renovation Mortgages permits borrowers to include financing for home improvements in a purchase or re-finance transaction of an existing home. Renovation Mortgages provides a convenient way for borrowers to make renovations, repairs, or improvements totaling up to 50 percent (more or less depending on the program) of the as-completed appraised value of the property with a first mortgage, rather than a second mortgage, home equity line of credit, or other, more costly financing method. Eligible borrowers include individual home buyers, investors, nonprofit organizations, and local government agencies. One of the loans that allows you to customize is the Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation Loan . 

Here are the 3 simple and quick steps on how this works:

1.  Renovation cost into loan. No out of pocket.

2. Allows higher LTV up to 95%, than cash out only at 80%.

3. Minimum down payment if using for Purchase.


Many options exists today for a Renovation Mortgage in addition to the FannieMae products.

ARE YOU HAVING A TOUGH TIME LOOKING FOR A HOUSE? Cut search times in half. Because now you can make any home in the right area your DREAM HOME WIN/WIN for everyone!

HAVE YOU SEEN HGTV's FIXER UPPER? This is the Renovation Loan they use in the Show.

Below are a few local Jacksonville and Northeast Florida mortgages brokers that specialize in Renovation Mortgages:

Chris Childers, Sharp Mortgages
904-631-8292 |

Jamie Zeitz, HomeBridge
904-710-1744 |

John Adams, loanDepot
904-639-5571 |

Be sure to tell them that Scott DeVore, Licensed Realtor + General Contractor, recommended them when you contact them!

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Upgraded and move-in ready home in Southside Estates!


Stop renting and own this home even pay less than $400 per month (restrictions applied)...

Strong and sturdy concrete block home that has been freshly painted inside and out. New 3-ton HVAC! Private enclosed oversized fenced lot with enough rear parking to comfortably fit 5+ vehicles, camper, and all the toys, with still plenty of room for a pool and trampoline.

The backyard also offers a spacious patio to fit a large barbecue, tiki bar, and outdoor furniture, perfect for entertaining family and friends; not to mention the fire pit and outdoor shower and sink. Plenty of additional storage can be found in the detached shed (10x10x12 ft), which is great to store bikes, kayaks, beach gear, tools, and lawn equipment. Worry free yard with all previously planted pines and other trees susceptible to wind damage already removed. Home is in the Windy Hill neighborhood and thus the "hill," the home never experienced an ounce of flooding on the roads with the recent hurricanes.

Cozy kitchen with freshly re-done cabinets, well maintained appliances, and offering an eat-in counter bar. Just bring your bar stools! Interior has maintenance free tile floors throughout. Master bedroom offers a walk-in closet.

The bathroom was just upgraded 5 years ago. The roof was updated 7 years ago. Indoor laundry room. Upgraded light fixtures. Well cared for home for the past 12 years by the same owners. Super clean, just move right in! Rest assured in your new home with a one-year home warranty included! Great desirable commuting location in Southside, less than 15 minutes to everything from St Johns Town Center, UNF, Downtown, and Beaches... all for under $100k!

For Your General Construction Needs...


Equity Dream Homes is one of the few general contracting groups capable of providing clients with its primary specialty of working on home renovations, home additions, kitchen and bathroom remodels, roofs, screen enclosures and of course storm damage repairs. We also offer the full range of construction services that you would expect from a general contractor, including consulting work, design-build, and construction management, and are proud to maintain a level of personal attention and direct access to the owner that few of our competitors can offer.

You can trust Equity Dream Homes to help you on your rebuilding process and provide specialized construction services as needed. We are fully equipped to provide the manpower and materials in a timely manner. As a general contracting company, one of our strengths is our network of subcontractors we developed and maintaining good working relationship with our clients to exceed our customer's satisfaction beyond their expectation. For each project we take on, we are committed to assembling the best team possible to build or renovate a home or facility.

It is important to hire a general contracting form that you can rely on. Our team understands what it takes to usher a project from the early stages of design work through the completion of construction and has the firsthand experience that is required to handle jobs of nearly any size.

For any questions, inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach us at

904-746-0050 or email us at

What to do after Hurricane Irma? Let's talk about insurance...To File or Not To File..

Insurance _ EDH.jpg

Hurricane Irma is finally gone. You stepped outside Monday morning, relieved to be rid of the howling winds, delighted to see the sun. You cleared the fallen branches, surveyed the damage around your home, and discovered you’re going to have to file an insurance claim to help cover repairs.

Irma left a path of destruction all over Florida, and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) estimates that the storm could result in 450,000 claims for insurance payments — 300,000 for wind damage and 150,000 for federal flood insurance. Insurance payments for wind damage could exceed Hurricane Andrew’s insurance payments of $25 billion and FEMA-insured flood claims could reach $15 billion.


If your home has been damaged, exposure to the elements may greatly increase the amount of damage to you home. Many insurance policies limit your time to file a claim, so don't wait until you have water dripping through the ceiling, mold in the attic, or your roof caves in to call your insurance company. It might be too late to file a valid storm damage claim.

Be wary of insurance company "approved" contractors who have a financial incentive to save the insurance company money at your expense. Protect yourself by hiring a reputable contractor to represent your best interests. You have paid your homeowners insurance, so make sure you get the maximum value for your claim.

Insurance Claim Tips

  • Don't Delay! Most insurance policies limit your time to file a claim
  • You can't be singled out for a rate increase due to storm damage
  • Insurance restoration contractors advocate for you
  • Always hire the best contractor, not the cheapest
  • Beware of insurance company "approved" contractors
  • Always do your homework and understand your rights
  • Insurance Claims Process

Filing a storm damage insurance claim can be a frustrating and confusing process. You should remember that your insurance company is in business to make money and may try to deny your claim. So we’ve created a 7 Step Guide to make the claims process easy to understand.

Step 1: Assess the storm damage. Record the date of the storm, signs of damage you can see from the ground, and take pictures of any damage. Search online for news stories of the storm hitting your area, so you have proof if it is ever required.

Step 2: Contact several reputable storm repair contractors and obtain 3 written proposals. Make sure your contractor performs a full property inspection, including the roof, windows, siding, AC units, screens, concrete and all other exterior surfaces.

Step 3: Read your insurance policy carefully and contact the claims department of your insurance company directly. Be prepared to provide pictures, and the estimate from the contractor you have chosen to work with.

Step 4: Request an insurance adjuster inspection. Insist your contractor is present during the adjuster inspection. Your contractor's job is to make sure the adjuster plays fair, and provides you with a fair assessment. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and may have an incentive to deny your claim, if they think they can.

Step 5: If your claim is denied, don't worry. You are entitled to meet with three insurance adjusters. Remember, even a small amount of damage should result in an approved claim. Any type of damage can devalue your home and damage should be fixed immediately before it leads to greater damage down the road.

Step 6: Once your claim is approved your insurance company will send you 2 separate payments. The first payment, or materials deposit, covers the cost of materials. Make sure your contractor orders materials in your name, and uses your check to pay for your materials.

Step 7: After your materials are delivered, your contractor will get to work. Any changes to the written bid should be submitted in writing for your approval. No additional payment is due until all the repairs are complete. Once your project has passed a city inspection, you will have a chance to approve the job before making final payment. Make sure the job is done to your satisfaction and your contractor signs a lien waiver, before handing over the second payment.

When filing an insurance claim, remember most state laws prohibit insurance companies from cancelling policies for filing claims in an Act of God storm damage situation. In most states insurance company cannot single you out for a rate increase. If the insurance company is going to raise rates, they have to raise everyone's rates in your area. So, if you don’t file a claim, your personal rate increase will pay for everyone else's claim except for yours.

A Quick Reminder from Scott DeVore

What to do when a hurricane is 36 hours from arriving:

·         Turn on your TV or radio in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.

·         Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit. Include food and water sufficient for at least three days, medications, a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies.

·         Plan how to communicate with family members if you lose power. For example, you can call, text, email or use social media. Remember that during disasters, sending text messages is usually reliable and faster than making phone calls because phone lines are often overloaded.

·         Review your evacuation plan with your family. You may have to leave quickly so plan ahead.

·         Keep your car in good working condition, and keep the gas tank full; stock your vehicle with emergency supplies and a change of clothes.


What to do when a hurricane is 6-18 hours from arriving:

·         Turn on your TV/radio, or check your city/county website every 30 minutes in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.

·         Charge your cell phone now so you will have a full battery in case you lose power.

·         What to do when a hurricane is 18-36 hours from arriving

·         Bookmark your city or county website for quick access to storm updates and emergency instructions.

·         Bring loose, lightweight objects inside that could become projectiles in high winds (e.g., patio furniture, garbage cans); anchor objects that would be unsafe to bring inside (e.g., propane tanks); and trim or remove trees close enough to fall on the building.

·         Cover all of your home’s windows. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows. A second option is to board up windows with 5/8” exterior grade or marine plywood, cut to fit and ready to install.


What to do when a hurricane is 6 hours from arriving:

·         If you’re not in an area that is recommended for evacuation, plan to stay at home or where you are and let friends and family know where you are.

·         Close storm shutters, and stay away from windows. Flying glass from broken windows could injure you.

·         Turn your refrigerator or freezer to the coldest setting and open only when necessary. If you lose power, food will last longer. Keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to be able to check the food temperature when the power is restored.

Turn on your TV/radio, or check your city/county website every 30 minutes in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.


Forbes Ranks Jacksonville, FL #2!

From Forbes - Where to Invest in Housing in 2017

Out of 300 housing markets, Forbes has ranked Jacksonville, FL the second best (No. 2!) place to invest in housing in 2017.

Jax trailed only Dallas for the No. 1 spot and placed ahead of its Central Florida neighbor, Orlando.

Below are the stats Forbes measured for the Northeast Florida city.

·         Average home price: $225,000

·         Population: 1,419,127

·         3-year population growth: 5.1%

·         Year-over-year job growth: 4.1%

·         Year-over-year home price growth: 9%

·         Over (+) or under (-) historic value by: -8%

Personally, I can’t think of a city that has more to offer than Jax. It offers both the beach and big-city life. If offers rivers, lakes, intracoastal waterways, creeks that are wider than most rivers in other parts of the country… it offers old and new (historical neighborhoods, new master planned communities)… it’s one of only 30 cities that has a NFL team (Go Jags!)… great schools, great healthcare, great military presence, great family communities, and of course the warm winters… and these are just a few of the great offerings.

It’s easy to see why Forbes ranked Jax as No. 2. Learn more about Jax by contacting Scott DeVore of Equity Dream Homes today.

904-746-0050 (call or text)

10 Easy Upgrade Tips from the Property Brothers

Here’s a short video on 10 Easy Home Upgrade Tips from the Property Brothers for an easy way to dramatically change any living space on a tight budget. Summarized below are the highlights…

  1. Add a feminine touch
    1. Minimize the bachelor pad feel by adding some décor for the laides to help soften the room, which will help make it appealing to both sexes
  2. Ditch dorm room furniture
    1. Get rid of that old leather recliner with rips and tears
  3. Swap in accents
    1. Add some smaller pieces, not a main piece that’s expensive, of décor to add some color
  4. Refinish older pieces
    1. Use spray paint to make something old look brand new
  5. Reupholster chairs
    1. Take cushion off on chair and use the old material as the pattern for new material to recycle an old piece of furniture
  6. Get the right light
    1. Ambient Lighting – makes room feel bigger
    2. Task Lighting – Kitchen or Reading area--lighting that serves it’s purpose
    3. Feature Lighting – adds pop to a space
  7. Brighten your walls
    1. Light colored paint makes room feel bigger
  8. Create a feature wall
    1. Paint fireplace and use décor pieces on the mantle
  9. Add an area rug
    1. Bright patterns or colors will help define space and make it pop
  10. Deck the walls
    1. Curtain on the walls to also define space and make it pop