Buying your first home is an exciting milestone and most likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, but don’t let that excitement sweep you up into making a decision you’ll end up regretting.  New home Construction can involve a lot of exciting choices and unique opportunities. Don’t buy a home because you’re trying to keep up with someone, it’ll make you fall further behind in the long run. Buy a home because it truly makes sense financially and you’re ready to deal with the challenges of homeownership. Before you commit to one of the largest purchases in your life, you’d better sure you’re ready for it.

Here are the five signs that you be ready to start building:

1. You need space

When your family is growing, or you simply have an intense feeling of longing for that backyard and study, space is something that affects your lifestyle. If you feel like you’re living in a house that is too small for, building might be the way to go.

You need space.jpg

2. You have the budget

It’s generally harder to enter the property market than it is to buy a second house. This is because you don’t have assets or an investment to leverage. Chances are, you’re probably earning more, years later. Building a house isn’t necessarily the more expensive route. However, your budget will affect the construction loans available to you.

You have the budget.png

3. You know what you want

It can be a loss of determination visiting tons of homes and not finding the perfect fit. Building a home instead of buying, you have the control of everything – from the color of your doorknobs through to the layout. You’re the artist.

You Know what you want.png

4. You like a specific area

If there’s an area you like near to the beach, shops, schools and other things that ooze lifestyle, building is a great option. You can have both: the dream location and house.

You like a specific area.jpg

5. You have the time

There’s never been the perfect time to build a house, some moments are better than others. Like in between having a baby number one and two, or before you start saving for that one-month European adventure. Choosing to build doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s going to take longer. It all depends on the custom home builder you partner with. If you feel it right, go for it.

You have time.jpg