Are you planning to do a home renovation or do some updating, change the layouts or to do some household repairs or thinking to build a new house? Renovating a house is a big task and quite large investment. If you have any home construction in mind, hiring a contractor is a big plus.

What is General Contractor?

A general contractor has the ability to manage an entire project efficiently and responsible for the overall coordination of a project. The general contractor will assess the project – specific documents (referred to as bid,  proposal or tender documents). If in case of renovations, a site visit is required to get a better understanding of the project. Depending on the project delivery method, the contractor will submit a fixed price proposal or bid, cost-plus price or an estimate.

Let’s understand the responsibilities of a General Contractor:

1.    Responsible for providing all of the material, labor equipment etc..

2.    Hires specialized or skilled workers to perform all the required job

3.    responsible for the quality of all work performed by any and all subcontractors. number one priority is safety on the job site. 

4.    Responsibilities may include applying for building permits, advising the person they are hired by, securing the property, providing temporary utilities on site, managing personnel on site, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing or recycling of construction waste, monitoring schedules, and cash flows, and maintaining accurate records.

Hiring a general contractor is like hiring an event organizer, they take care of all the details of hiring the right people to get the job done and their knowledge in the field is invaluable to you. If you believe that you can take care of the details yourself, you’re taking on a huge headache and maybe even a risk without them.

There can be benefits to hiring an experienced general contractor. Here are some hiring a right general contractor:

1.    Managing a Project can be full-time job takes the responsibility for every aspect of the build. A general contractor will make sure they can provide an owner satisfaction.

2.    Trusted Skilled Workers they have a large network of trusted skilled workers and subcontractors. They will make sure that the job is done right the first time, reducing the need for parts of the project to be done multiple times, and saving money for the project overall.

3.    Good quality of materials and Better Price – General contractors have their own source for higher quality materials, which they can get an advantage rate than retail. They can guarantee the quality of the materials chosen for every aspect of the job.

4.    Licensing, Permitting, and Insurance - General contractors are licensed (and hire licensed tradesmen) to do the job.  They pull permits and interact with city, state and building offices to ensure all aspects of the project are up to code. In addition, they carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance to protect themselves – and the owner – against accidents.

DeVore Capital Contracting Consulting Inc has the ability to manage the entire life cycle of your project efficiently. We can do all types of jobs in home construction or home renovation as well as technical jobs like electrical, plumbing, heating jobs, etc.

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