Our Home! Our Life!

The most important areas I can renovate in terms of adding value to my home for resale is to make sure that the house has been generally inspected and managed from the internal works to the external works in order to assure potential buyers that they would get their moneys worth. It is highly important that the foundation is stable, inner decay has been removed and replaced, and duct work, electrical and plumbing system have been checked. After addressing those, the next important things to be improved on are what can be easily seen upon entering the house which are the flooring, windows, walls, and other surface finishes.

If you're planning to remodel your kitchen and baths, well that's a good choice. It's a good factor having a very relaxing and pampering baths and kitchen. According to DIY network from the expert, kitchen renovation rank as No. 1 on the list. Bathroom remodels cost is estimated in the thousands of dollars but may return on investment at up to 68 percent and with an average 66 percent return on investment on kitchen remodels.

The worst things people renovate thinking it would add value for resale is going too ‘trendy' on decorating and building in the house. What they don’t realize is that trendy also resonates to ‘short-term. In renovating a home you would want something you know would last.

Getting a good return on your kitchen improvements or those bathroom upgrades is great. When deciding to remodel your kitchen or bath, remember that this also is about improving your home for you and your family. It not only gives your home a new feel that's worth coming home to, it, in fact, increases home value and will provide higher return on investment.