From Forbes - Where to Invest in Housing in 2017

Out of 300 housing markets, Forbes has ranked Jacksonville, FL the second best (No. 2!) place to invest in housing in 2017.

Jax trailed only Dallas for the No. 1 spot and placed ahead of its Central Florida neighbor, Orlando.

Below are the stats Forbes measured for the Northeast Florida city.

·         Average home price: $225,000

·         Population: 1,419,127

·         3-year population growth: 5.1%

·         Year-over-year job growth: 4.1%

·         Year-over-year home price growth: 9%

·         Over (+) or under (-) historic value by: -8%

Personally, I can’t think of a city that has more to offer than Jax. It offers both the beach and big-city life. If offers rivers, lakes, intracoastal waterways, creeks that are wider than most rivers in other parts of the country… it offers old and new (historical neighborhoods, new master planned communities)… it’s one of only 30 cities that has a NFL team (Go Jags!)… great schools, great healthcare, great military presence, great family communities, and of course the warm winters… and these are just a few of the great offerings.

It’s easy to see why Forbes ranked Jax as No. 2. Learn more about Jax by contacting Scott DeVore of Equity Dream Homes today.

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