Here’s a short video on 10 Easy Home Upgrade Tips from the Property Brothers for an easy way to dramatically change any living space on a tight budget. Summarized below are the highlights…

  1. Add a feminine touch
    1. Minimize the bachelor pad feel by adding some décor for the laides to help soften the room, which will help make it appealing to both sexes
  2. Ditch dorm room furniture
    1. Get rid of that old leather recliner with rips and tears
  3. Swap in accents
    1. Add some smaller pieces, not a main piece that’s expensive, of décor to add some color
  4. Refinish older pieces
    1. Use spray paint to make something old look brand new
  5. Reupholster chairs
    1. Take cushion off on chair and use the old material as the pattern for new material to recycle an old piece of furniture
  6. Get the right light
    1. Ambient Lighting – makes room feel bigger
    2. Task Lighting – Kitchen or Reading area--lighting that serves it’s purpose
    3. Feature Lighting – adds pop to a space
  7. Brighten your walls
    1. Light colored paint makes room feel bigger
  8. Create a feature wall
    1. Paint fireplace and use décor pieces on the mantle
  9. Add an area rug
    1. Bright patterns or colors will help define space and make it pop
  10. Deck the walls
    1. Curtain on the walls to also define space and make it pop