Well, fixing and flipping houses is not an easy thing to do, especially for the newbie real estate investor. First of all, It costs money, usually a lot of money.  In addition to coming up with the funds to buy the property, the ‘fix and flip’ investor needs to pay for repairs, contractor fees, listing and broker fees, holding costs until you sell the home, and more.

Fellow real estate investors like to have options when it comes to property acquisition. We all know that cash is the Seller’s preferred method of payment when it comes to buying a property, but most investors are well versed in the direct alternative: Hard Money. Today, Hard Money Loans are much easier to get access to than before. Also, a lot of funds have been created over the years to nationalize and standardize hard money. Here are some lenders that have made access to a Hard Money loan much easier than before that you might consider:

LendingHome Group offers 2 programs

1.     Bridge Loans

-          Short term financing program that focuses on property investors who intends to resell their house

2.     Consumer Loans

-          this is monitored by government regulatory agencies for their compliance with consumer protection regulations

On the other hand, Bridge Lending Group offers 3 types of loan.

1.     Construction and Rehab

-          a mortgage loan that is frequently used with property investors

2         Residential Bridge; 3. Commercial Bridge

-          Most wide-ranging and flexible way to get a short-term residential real estate investment financing.

    Facts about Commercial Bridge Loans                                                   Features

  • Commercial Bridge loans are temporary                                   • No bureaucracy and RedTapes
  •  Commercial Building has low vacancy rates                             • Expedited Approvals
  •   Applicant has bad credit

Benefits of residential Bridge Loans

  • Make an offer that is too good to refuse
  • Private Hard money loans are contingent on the sale of the existing home
  • Bridge loans are not dependent on good credit

Don’t waste your time thinking about where you can get a faster and reliable financing that is a perfect fit for your needs. Scott can help you out for more information, please grab your phone and dial 904-746-0050 or send him an email at scott@devorecapital.com

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