Are you planning on relocating to the Jacksonville area?

Jacksonville is highly touted as a great place to relocate to. Some move to Jax for various reasons such as a military assignment, some for a job relocation, or even some like me come to be close to family and the cost of living is the best in the country IMO for what you get: beaches, major city amenities like the NFL and the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, rivers and lakes, big city feel in some areas/small town feel in others, and of course no more harsh winters… the list goes on!

Relocation can be defined as a change in the physical location of a business or a home for some reasons you have. But, before considering relocating you might have many questions in your mind on where to have your new place, how to do it when you don’t have the time to plan out this life changing event.

Why not trust this phase to an expert who has a hyper-localized knowledge in the community and experienced enough to handle all aspects of the process?

Here are some reasons why choose Real Estate Agent Expert in Relocating.

1.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent will educate you to the market and negotiate a sale on your behalf.

2.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent has a factual data on hand about the location and the house and can assist you in community orientation, and interim housing.

3.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent will know the best schools, doctors, shopping and dining, local hot spots, etc. that will make all of the real-life stuff much easier to transition to.

4.       Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent has Recommendations and evaluations of reputable moving firms and moving service providers.

Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent are trained to be an advocate in all aspects of your move. Moving to a new city is a disorienting experience at best, and a relocation expert can reduce your confusion, get your feet on the ground, and help you move ahead quickly and confidently.

Scott DeVore, Licensed Realtor + General Contractor, is your go-to Relocation Expert Real Estate Agent for Jacksonville and the surrounding Northeast Florida area. Having relocated many times (Washington, DC, Southeast Texas, Memphis, OKC, Los Angeles), Scott knows the innerworkings of what the home buyer is facing and looking for during the relocation process.

Contact Scott today to help you with any and all of your relocation needs. 904-746-0050 or