November 11th – Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all who have faithfully served our great nation in the greatest armed forces in the world!

As a Veteran, a small token of appreciation that we can give back to you for your service and sacrifice is an affordable path to home ownership through the use of a VA loan.

One of the best benefits of a VA home loan is the very low costs of out of pocket expenses for home purchasing versus a traditional home loan.

In most cases, a Veteran can purchase a home with ZERO (0) Down Payment!

The video above, presented by Low VA Rates,  is a quick presentation of how the VA loan process works. Below is a bulleted list of the highlights from the slides.

·        Where and How to start

o   Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

o   Work with a Realtor familiar with VA loans

o   Contact a good VA lender

o   Get pre-qualified

o   Make an offer

o   Get your VA loan done

o   Enjoy your dream home

·        Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

o   Your “Golden Ticket”

o   Demonstrates you are eligible for a VA loan and the VA will guarantee the lender

o   Must have served honorably for a pre-determined period of time

·        Work with a Realtor

o   As a buyer you do not pay for this service (It’s Free!!)

§  The home seller pays for your Realtor’s service

o   Negotiate on your behalf

o   Make sure they have worked with Veterans before

o   Much better deal for you

·        Contact Mortgage Broker who is a reputable VA lender

o   Having an expert VA lender is very important

·        Get Pre-Qualified

o   Job / Pension / Fixed Income

o   Rental history

o   Sufficient Income

o   Credit History (No FICO score requirement!)

·        Make an Offer

o   Your second “Golden Ticket”

o   Pre-approval makes you legit

o   Seller will take you seriously

o   Need to get home under contract

o   Very exciting time

·        Finalize Your VA Loan

o   Validate everything from pre-approval

§  Don’t go out and accumulate new debt (no new car, no financing new furniture, don’t lose your job!)

§  Time frame can be 10 days to over a month

·        Move Into Your Dream Home

o   It is no longer a dream – Keys to your new home!

o   Memories

o   Security

o   Asset

o   Tax Savings

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